Painting with light

Painting with light

You will need:
A torch or 2
A dark den
A camera with a long exposure facility

This activity which I love, love, love (during a science week) drew an awful lot of attention from both staff and children. If you click on the photo it will take you to Euxton CE Primary’s webpage dedicated to this activity. The heart was drawn with 2 torches. We also managed to work out how to write words by photographing individual letters and consequently. these were made into signs for the classroom doors. A wonderful way of encouraging collaboration with the children. The photographer had to direct the torch wielder in order to produce a specific image. The role they had to take on changed depending on what they had decided to do before they went into the dark den. The language of direction was used extensively and the children began to delete images from the camera independently.

If you have a go, please tweet me some photos of the pictures you make with your children.


Here is a photo sent from taken by one of his AS photography students at Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio.  It shows what a versatile idea this is.  I was using it as a way of working collaboratively, but I expect Colin’s pupil has been learning all about the photography skills needed to produce an image like this.

Colin's photo

Thank you Colin for letting me share this.